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The Manhattan, NYC based Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Douglas Senderoff, MD, FACS offers the most advanced hair transplant & replacement (hair restoration) procedure on the market “NeoGraft™” for hair loss in men.

NeoGraft™ is an FDA-approved medical device for the use of hair transplantation / hair restorations for permanent hair replacement in men and women of all ethnicities.

The NeoGraft™ hair restoration device has been successfully used globally on both men and women hair loss suffers and has one of the highest patient satisfaction rates out of any medical hair restoration device on the market. Hair loss patients from around NYC & the tri-state area and from out of town (from around the world) come to Dr. Senderoff to receive the NeoGraft 1-day permanent hair loss treatment.

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Many hair transplant experts believe that NeoGraft™ is simply a significantly better way to perform a hair transplant.

It is estimated that tens of thousands of FUE hair transplants have been performed with NeoGraft™. The minimally invasive NeoGraft Automated (Follicular Unit Extraction) and Implantation Hair Restoration procedure is quickly becoming the new “Gold Standard” for hair transplantations procedures in NYC and the world. The hair transplant results from the NeoGraft™ method are remarkable.

NeoGraft™ provides the automated FUE method of hair replacement for hair loss patients and is an unparalleled modern improvement over any other previous method of hair transplant / hair restoration device. Patients can take advantage of the remarkable contemporary benefits of today’s hair transplant technology, including:

  • A motorized punch to gently rotate around each hair follicle
  • Pneumatic pressure, or suction, to extract and implant the follicle smoothly and artistically; custom for each hair loss patient
  • A moist environment for extracted grafts until hair transplantation ensuring over 90% of hair transplants root
  • Controlled precision over each hair follicle during the hair restoration procedure
  • Least invasive hair transplant / hair restoration procedure of its kind
  • No scalpel incision, no sutures, no linear scar
  • Large areas of hair transplanted in a single session
  • Fastest recovery time of any hair transplant / hair restoration procedure on the market: “next day” recovery
  • Reduces the need for any additional hair restoration procedures
  • Most cost-effective hair transplantation procedure on the market for men & women

For more information about NeoGraft™ hair replacement tretament or a complimentary hair transplant consultation please feel free to contact the NYC Plastic Surgeon, Douglas M. Senderoff, MD, FACS, today by phoning 212-481-3939.

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