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Manhattan, New York, board certified Plastic Surgeon, Douglas M. Senderoff, MD is one of the first plastic surgeons in the country and the first in NYC to offer biceps implants plastic surgery. During your complimentary biceps implants, surgery consultation with board certified NYC plastic surgeon, Douglas M. Senderoff, MD, FACS, you will be evaluated to determine whether you are a good candidate for biceps implants plastic surgery.

“The plastic surgeon and his team transformed my life, I could not be happier. The entire process went smooth considering that I live out of town with a hectic work schedule. Definitely worth going to New York City to see him and get your surgery with him.” ~ RealSelf

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Enhancement of the bicep area of the upper arm can be accomplished by the insertion of a specialized biceps implant. The biceps implant is a sterile solid silicone implant that is used to augment or enlarge the biceps region of the arm. The biceps implant has a soft natural feel similar to that of muscle and you will be able to view the various biceps implant sizes during your complimentary consultation at the plastic surgeon’s Manhattan (NYC) office.

Candidates for Bicep Implants
The best candidate for biceps implants at the NYC Plastic Surgeon’s surgical facility is a patient who desires more size and definition of the biceps region that cannot be obtained through exercise. Biceps implants may be of benefit in restoring volume to the upper arm in patients that suffer from muscle wasting or in patients that have lost muscle bulk due to trauma. During your free consultation for bicep implants, the NYC biceps implants plastic surgeon will evaluate the amount of upper arm muscle present, and the degree of resting muscle tone along with the ability of the muscle to form a strong contraction. The expectations and goals of the biceps implants surgery will be discussed. in length with the Manhattan Plastic Surgeon.

Biceps Implants Surgery
Biceps implants plastic surgery is performed by the board certified plastic surgeon as an outpatient in our fully accredited outpatient facility located on Park Avenue South in Manhattan, NYC. The bicep implant surgery can be performed under local anesthesia with intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. The area of the biceps muscle where the implant will be placed is marked by placing the template of the implant over the desired point of maximal muscle projection. The patient is then placed in the operating room and the arms are cleansed with a surgical antiseptic. An incision is made in the arm to allow access for the implant pocket dissection. Dissection of the implant pocket is then made with the aid of a specialized fiberoptic or lighted retractor. The sterile bicep implant is then inserted through the arm incision into the precisely created implant pocket. The incision is closed with absorbable stitches and the arm is wrapped with an elastic bandage to minimize swelling.

Recovery from Bicep Implant Surgery
After bicep implant surgery patients are instructed to keep the arms elevated for the first 48-72 hours and to minimize strenuous activity for 2-3 weeks. Patients may shower after 48 hours. Pain-relieving medication is prescribed by the NYC Biceps Implants Plastic Surgeon during the recovery period. The amount of discomfort varies from patient to patient but should be similar to the soreness resulting from an intense workout. Pain in one arm that is greater than the other or sudden numbness of the fingers is cause for concern and should be reported to the office promptly. Exercise can be resumed in about one month.

Results of Bicep Implant Surgery
The results of bicep implant surgery as performed by the Manhattan Plastic Surgeons will be obvious immediately. After the biceps implants surgery, the upper arm may be swollen for a few days up to several weeks. After the swelling resolves the definition of the bicep area will be even more evident. The biceps implant should feel like part of the arm and move naturally with the bicep muscle during bicep muscle contraction. Upper arm strength and flexibility should return to normal within a few weeks.

Complications of Bicep Implant Surgery
Potential complications of bicep implant surgery include potential scarring of the implant insertion site which can be improved with the use of silicone gel sheeting or lasers. Complications are rather unlikely.

Hematoma formation may occur due to bleeding around the implant after surgery. This complication may require drainage of the fluid to avoid compression of the muscle. Numbness of the upper or lower arm may occur due to damage of sensory nerves around the region. Infection of the implant may occur and may be treated with antibiotics or implant removal and reinsertion of the implant at a later date.

If you have any questions about biceps implant surgery or are interested in more information on biceps implants to improve the appearance of your upper arm, please call board certified NYC plastic surgeon Douglas M. Senderoff, MD for a complimentary consultation at his Manhattan, NY or Westchester, NY offices.

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