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Juvederm® treatment is offered by the Manhattan based board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Douglas M. Senderoff. Juvederm® is an injectable gel indicated for the correction of moderate to severe facial folds and wrinkles. It was approved by the FDA in 2006. Juvederm® is especially useful in treating the folds around the mouth and nose known as the nasolabial folds. As skin ages, the production of hyaluronic acid (HA) diminishes.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally hydrating substance commonly found in the skin. By injecting hyaluronic acid into wrinkled or deficient areas volume can be restored and wrinkles can be diminished. Juvederm® can be used to correct vertical wrinkles and lines around the mouth.

Juvederm® is also commonly used for lip enhancement due to its smooth uniform consistency although it is not FDA-approved for this indication at present. Juvederm® has a smoother consistency than other hyaluronic acid fillers and has an optimal gel structure that is long-lasting.

There is no allergy testing required prior to the use of Juvederm®. It can be used on all skin types and in both men and women. Juvederm® injections are performed in the office under either a topical or local anesthetic.

Board certified plastic surgeon Douglas M. Senderoff, MD, FACS performs Juvederm® injections in both his Manhattan and Westchester offices.

The procedure can be done in about 15-20 minutes depending on the number of areas being treated. After the procedure patients are advised to ice the area for 24 hours. Arnica cream is also helpful in minimizing inflammation. The most common reactions are temporary injection-site redness, swelling, tenderness, lumps, and bruising. These side effects usually disappear within a few days. Juvederm® injections are very well tolerated and have a high satisfaction rate among patients.

While there are no permanent fillers presently available in the U.S., Juvederm® is fairly long-lasting at 4-6 months depending on the patient. Since hyaluronic acid is a substance found naturally in the body it eventually will be reabsorbed.

Follow-up injections are commonly needed to maintain the restoration of facial volume and reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.

Patients who are interested in finding out how Juvederm® may help improve their appearance are encouraged to schedule a complimentary consultation with Board Certified plastic surgeon Douglas M. Senderoff, MD, FACS.

If you have any questions about Juvederm® please feel free to contact the NYC Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Douglas Senderoff, MD, FACS, at his Manhattan or Westchester, New York Plastic Surgery offices.

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