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Douglas M. Senderoff, MD is a recognized leader in NYC and the world in the field of buttock augmentation and buttock implant correction. He is considered a best in class buttock augmentation (BBL, fat transfer, and buttock implant) plastic surgeon. The board certified plastic surgeon has presented his original buttock augmentation with buttock implants research at The Aesthetic Society annual meeting and additionally served as an instructor at The Aesthetic Society teaching a course on buttock implants plastic surgery.

Correction of complications of buttock implant surgery can be performed in several ways depending on the specific problem. The first step in correcting poor buttock implant results is obtaining a surgical history that focuses on the size, shape, and placement of the buttock implant. This information will allow for a successful plan for correction by enabling Dr. Senderoff to understand the nature of the problem and create a new surgical strategy. The second step in correcting buttock implant problems involves a thorough examination by Dr. Senderoff to look for complications such as: implant malposition, capsular contracture, poor placement, poor shape, acute or chronic inflammation, tenderness, fluid accumulation around the implant, or sign of infection. Each one of these physical findings is important in order to identify and correct the underlying problem.

My experience with Dr. Senderoff and his team was nothing short of exceptional. His entire team was attentive, professional and extremely helpful throughout the entire process. My only regret is that I did not see him years ago. He’s a remarkable doctor that I highly recommend to all my friends and family.” ~ RealSelf

Patients dissatisfied with the size of their buttock implant may benefit from implant exchange to a larger size after several months when the surgical pocket has matured and stabilized. It is important to select an implant that is appropriately sized for the patient to avoid wound healing complications. Often patients have implants that are too large for their frame resulting in poor results such as sagging of the skin and an obvious appearance. In these patients, implant exchange to a smaller size is often necessary. Poor buttock shape may result from implants that are placed too high or that are the wrong size and shape for the length of the buttock. In these instances, implants may need to be re-positioned or changed to a different size and shape to create a maximal projection in the center of the buttock. In many cases, a change of implant shape from oval to round may be required to create asymmetry as oval implants tend to rotate over time.

The presence of fluid around a buttock implant also known as a seroma can be due to inflammation of the implant pocket usually resulting from chronic infection. In this scenario, a sample of fluid is obtained by aspirating the pocket with a needle and evaluating the fluid for the presence of bacteria. If bacteria are present in the fluid or the fluid will not reabsorb either a CT scan or surgery to explore the pocket may be required. It is important to remove infected implants early to prevent the spread of infection and damage to the surrounding tissues of the buttock. Early implant removal will allow for the improved success of implant replacement surgery.

Improving results of buttock implant surgery may be achieved using liposuction and fat grafting to contour the back and hips and provide a smooth transition around the borders of the implant. Fat can be added to the lateral buttocks to enhance buttock width and to correct contour irregularities resulting from previous surgery. In cases where the buttock skin is saggy a revision of the buttock fold may be required to shorten the buttock and create a more lifted appearance.

It is important to consult with a buttock implant surgeon who has extensive experience managing and correcting problems resulting from buttock implant surgery should complications occur. Dr. Senderoff is available to evaluate and discuss your buttock implant concerns and formulate an individualized treatment plan in order to resolve problems and create a satisfying result.

If you have any questions about Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Plastic Surgery or Buttock Implant Revision plastic surgery please contact the board certified NYC plastic surgeon Douglas M. Senderoff, MD for a complimentary Brazilian Butt Lift consultation at his NYC or Westchester, New York office.

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