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Top rated Manhattan, NYC, breast implants revision plastic surgeon, Dr. Douglas Senderoff, offers free breast implants revision consultations.

For women who already have undergone breast implants plastic surgery (breast augmentation plastic surgery with saline breast implants of silicone breast implants) and are dissatisfied with their results, “Breast Implants Revision Plastic Surgery” can be performed by the NYC Plastic Surgeon, Douglas Senderoff, MD, FACS.

“Screaming Dr. Senferoffs praises! He is the breast implant guy in NYC, TRUST!! I needed a difficult breast implant revision, and have had breast implant revision surgeries with 3 other nyc doctors. Each time unsuccessful. I was about to give up but had such an amazing consultation with Dr. Senderoff I decided to give it one last try. My surgery with Dr. Senderoff went so smooth, my recovery was so painless compared to the others, my incision lines are so small, and he was actually able to give me awesome cleavage although every other surgeon said that was impossible given my chest anatomy. Could not be more grateful for this doctor.” ~ RealSelf

Breast implants revision plastic surgery can be performed to correct unsatisfactory previously performed breast implants surgery (by other plastic surgeons).

Please follow this link to review before & after breast implants revision photos of actual patients.

There are a number of reasons why a woman may seek a plastic surgeon to have breast implants revision surgery. Breast implants hardening or capsular contracture is one main reason why women may seek correction or breast revision surgery by the NYC Plastic Surgeon. Oftentimes, women elect to go up or down a size in their breast implants as well.

Breast implant revision plastic surgery is a plastic surgery procedure that usually involves the removal and replacement of a breast implant to correct complications that may have occurred during or after breast augmentation or breast reconstruction surgery. Breast implant revision can be performed by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to correct unsatisfactory results from prior surgery and has extensive before and after photos that he can show you during your complimentary consultation.


  • Capsular Contracture: a tightening of the scar or capsule surrounding the implant. The scar, or capsule, can be removed or incised to produce a better and more natural breast shape.
  • Implant rupture/deflation/leakage
  • Infection
  • Discomfort
  • Shifting/Malposition: the breast implant may migrate and create a lopsided look.
  • Synmastia: the two breast implants rub up against one another, over the top of the breastbone, and come together to produce one breast.
  • Wrinkling/Rippling of the implant
  • Incorrect size (not pleased with the current size)
  • Unhappy with the shape of the breast implants
  • Asymmetry

Reconstruction of the breast after a mastectomy due to cancer or other disease is quite possible with today’s surgical procedures. The procedure is usually covered by almost all insurance companies.

Using the newest medical techniques, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Douglas Senderoff, MD, FACS, is able to create a breast that is similar in form and appearance to that of the natural breast. A consultation with him will provide you with information on the many available options for post-mastectomy breast reconstruction.

Reconstruction of a breast that has been removed due to cancer or other disease is one of the most rewarding surgical procedures available today. New medical techniques and devices have made it possible for surgeons to create a breast that can come close in form and appearance to matching a natural breast. Frequently, reconstruction is possible immediately following breast removal (mastectomy), so the patient wakes up with a breast mound already in place, having been spared the experience of seeing herself with no breast at all.

Most mastectomy patients are medically appropriate for reconstruction, many at the same time that the breast is removed.

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