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The best in class board certified plastic surgeon at the Manhattan, New York based plastic surgery practice is proud to offer transgender and non-binary patients revisional top surgery. Our plastic surgeon routinely performs Female-to-Male (FTM), Male-to-Female (MTF), and Non-Binary (N) revisional top surgery for patients who are not completely satisfied with the results of an initial top surgery procedure. Top surgery is a highly individualized procedure that is tailored to the unique anatomical and aesthetic needs of each patient, which is why our plastic surgery team works closely with each patient to actualize their post-procedural goals. Although binding is a successful method of flattening the chest tissue, when applied incorrectly or for an extended period of time, it can lead to pain, breathing problems, and skin problems. For individuals who seek it, top surgery can greatly improve outcomes in terms of physical and psychological health / wellbeing.

Revisional top surgery with the top rated board certified plastic surgeon may be performed upon patients for a number of reasons including dog ears, misshapen areola / nipple placement, or the presence of a “scooped out” appearance in the chest. Top surgery itself can help in easing the distressing condition of gender dysphoria, which is brought on by a sense of disconnection between a person’s biological sex and gender identity.

FTM Top Surgery
Female-to-Male (FTM) top surgery with the New York board certified plastic surgeon at our premier aesthetic surgery practice consists of creating a flatter, more masculine appearing chest. FTM top surgery revision may consist of liposculpting to contour a more chiseled chest, scar correction, or areola / nipple adjustments.

MTF Top Surgery
Individuals who opt to undergo Male-to-Female (MTF) top surgery desire a more feminine chest contour. While some patients undergo hormone replacement therapy to encourage breast development, it is not a prerequisite. MTF top surgery utilizes breast implants to obtain the ideal chest size and form. In some cases, implants might be replaced with an individual’s own fat that has been extracted from another area of the body (liposuction / fat transfer). The plastic surgeon might need to stretch the tissue to make room for the implants, depending on how much skin tissue is present in the chest.

Non-Binary Top Surgery
Non-binary top surgery may consist of a breast reduction or breast augmentation, depending on the patient’s desired post-surgical result. Non-binary patients may opt to undergo top surgery that reflects a more androgynous physique. Our plastic surgeon works individually with each patient to actualize their unique post-surgical goals through effective, minimally invasive surgical solutions. Revisional non-binary top surgery may consist of liposculpting, fat grafting, scar replacement, or nipple / areola corrections, depending on the patient’s desired post-surgical results.

During your initial top surgery revision consultation with the best in class board certified plastic surgeon, you will go over your post-procedural goals with the plastic surgeon and he will evaluate your initial surgical results. The plastic surgeon will break down your surgical options and perform a series of routine diagnostic tests to determine your eligibility for revision top surgery with our Manhattan, NYC based practice. You will also have the opportunity to speak with the plastic surgeon one-on-one to discuss any questions or concerns you might have about the top surgery revision procedure.

If you have any questions about top surgery revisions or any other plastic surgery procedures, please feel free to contact the NYC Board Certified NYC Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Douglas Senderoff:

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