Dr. Douglas Senderoff Reviews

“I had my butt implants plastic surgery Dec 2018. I’m completely healed and soooooo happy with my new and improved body. I have the confidence I was lacking, a mother of 2 and full time job, it’s difficult to stay work on your body . Dr. Senderoff has excellent bedside manners and answered all my questions. He called after surgery to ask how I was doing and his staff was easy to work with as well. I highly recommend him!!! 5 stars is not enough!!! Also, he offers free consults and financing – HUGE plus!” ~ Google 

“Dr Senderoff is a plastic surgery genius. I went in for butt implants and hip implants plastic surgery. I hated being naked with my partner because it was such an eye sore. Not only is that nightmare gone but my butt implants and hip implants are gorgeous and look 100% natural!!!!!. I am loving this body. I now love being in this body. I have read some people’s review that say Dr Senderoff has a cold bedside manner. That wasn’t my experience but I’m not looking for a best friend only the best plastic surgeon and he proved himself to be the best.” ~ Vitals 

“Dr. Senderoff is a great plastic surgeon. I am extremely satisfied with him and the girls in his office. The office is beautiful and clean. I had butt implants done with him and his work is amazing. The results have been life changing. Im going back next month for liposuction! I highly recommend him.” ~ RateMDs

“Dr. Senderoff is amazing. I had a tummy tuck on September 13, 2021. He gave me a burst of confidence because I never felt more beautiful with my clothes off after having two babies. I want everyone to know how fantastic he is, and if I could give more than five stars, I would. He’s the best at what he does, very talented, respectful, intelligent, and professional. The office staff was amicable and helpful throughout the whole procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Senderoff if you’re considering plastic surgery”. ~ RealSelf

“No complaints. Good (if not the best) pricing. Surgery went off without any hitches. Staff was caring. Great Manhattan liposuction plastic surgeon to check out if you are shopping around. Oh – also offers free consultations.” ~ Vitals 

“Dr. Senderoff is courteous and unassuming. He has a good manner that facilitates conversation. He is knowledgeable and able to answer questions in layman’s terms.” ~ Zocdoc 

I had a great experience with this practice in NYC. They were honest and up front. The surgeon did not try to “sell me” and tell me what i wanted to hear. He was VERY real with me about the result i could expect and I got exactly what he promised – perfect breast implants with a lift, maybe even better then perfect!!! Very happy with my results. The staff is wonderful. They never made me feel like i was annoying no matter how many questions i had, and i had ALOT! I would recommend them 100%”. ~ Google

“I am writing this review for Dr. Douglas Senderoff. Thank you! I look 15 years younger and have never felt so confident. You really are the best at facelifts.” ~ Vitals 

“Dr Senderoff is a plastic surgery genius. I went in for butt implants and decided to ask him about my gluteal cleft that was super high because I had a lower body lift seven years ago. Every doctor I saw told me it was impossible to repair. True because they didn’t have the skill set. Dr Senderoff does and now I no longer feel like a freak. I know freak is a hard word but that’s how I felt. I hated being naked with my partner because it was such an eye sore. Not only is that nightmare gone but my butt implants are gorgeous. I am loving this body. I now love being in this body. I have read some people’s review that say Dr Senderoff has a cold bedside manner. That wasn’t my experience but I’m not looking for a best friend only the best plastic surgeon and he proved himself to be the best. Also, his patient coordinator, JoMarie is very kind, caring, and made me feel as if she was with me every step of the way. She went above and beyond.” ~ Google 

“Dr. Senderoff is the best! I spent a lot of time researching plastic surgeons in NYC and I have to say that out of all the plastic surgeon’s I met with Dr. Senderoff made me feel the most comfortable for breast implants. He comes across as very intelligent and empathetic. He has an amazing before & after gallery which you can review. The plastic surgery office is beautiful and the staff is helpful. He has high-technology where you can see digital expected results of your surgery and he prints it out and let’s you take it home. His pricing is great for NYC and especially great for a plastic surgeon with his credentials. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a plastic surgeon in NYC” ~ Zocdoc 

“He’s not the kind of surgeon who is a flashy salesman trying to sell you things that you don’t need. He’s a straight shooter that will keep it real. I really liked that about him and found it refreshing after going to 5 other consultations where the doctor is a salesman. My hip implants results are fantastic and its the best thing ive ever done. Id recommend him to anyone!” ~ Vitals 

“I’m always very pleased with the results of laser treatment for complicated skin, especially mine, however I’m the biggest baby when it comes to pain.
Ana, has been more than patent with me and has turned my very bad experiences with other dermatologist (some, being on the best doctors list!)  to that of a pleasant experiences.  After doing laser on my face for almost a year, I’ve started the hair removal process on the popular areas.
I can’t believe how easy and almost painless it is!  This skin care office as all of the newest lasers and the with the most unbelievable bed side manners; to make even this jaded patient into a believer! Taking care of our skin is a basic need and this is a wonderful place you deserve to find!” ~ Yelp 

“My experience with Dr. Senderoff and his team was nothing short of exceptional. His entire team was attentive, professional and extremely helpful throughout the entire process. My only regret is that I did not see him years ago. He’s a remarkable doctor that I highly recommend to all my friends and family.” ~ RealSelf

“I can honestly say that I had and am having the most amazing experience with Dr. Senderoff and his amazing office staff for butt implants.. I feel so well taken care of when I come to this office. Dr. Senderoff was so gentle with me during my surgery and managed my pain so well. I am still healing but the results from just the first week are worth it all. I highly recommend Dr. Senderoff for this procedure. He was honest and forthcoming about my experience. He also has the wonderful Jo Marie that answered every one of my questions and made me feel so at peace with my decision to have this procedure done. I was very scared at first. Overall I am very grateful that I chose Dr. Senderoff. Thank you again to his staff: to Remy, Nina, and Anna who all took care of me.” ~ RealSelf

“Dr.Senderoff is an amazingly capable surgeon. Both my husband and I are very pleased with our results. He is honest and upfront about results verses expectations. Would definitely recommend .” ~ Vitals 

“Team Senderoff has been informative and professional throughout my breast implants procedure. They own a nice floor on Park Ave South and walking in I didn’t feel like I was about to overpay for nonsense luxury Park Ave crystal chandelier glitter. No – this *is* a 1st class medical floor run by a vetted and celebrated Dr. who did me right and the price was right. Glad I went with him, I am very happy! Big kudos for their attentiveness before and after my procedure as well.” ~ Google 

“Incredible bed side manner. A brilliant plastic surgeon. Spent as much time as I needed to answer all my questions. He was a class act so I booked breast augmentation with breast implants with him. One of the greatest decisions I ever made. I am beyond thrilled with my results. FYI he offers free consultations where you can view hundreds of before and after pictures. + he has perhaps the best pricing for breast implants in NYC.” ~ Vitals 

“This is *THE* doctor in New York City for breast augmentation!
Joan-Marie, the patient coordinator, and Shannon, the receptionist, are also very friendly and sweet! 🙂
I had a breast augmentation by Dr Senderoff in 2008 and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I went from a big B/small C to a DD. The results are so damn good and natural-looking (no inbetween gap, no ‘basketball’ look) that it’s almost impossible to tell that I’ve had a boob job unless I point out the scars. By the way, I went under the muscle silicone and it was $8,500. Pricey? Yes, but you get what you pay for.
I also had scar removal that was really deep in the muscle and had scar revision and rhinoplasty with Dr Senderoff, I’m definitely very pleased! “~ Yelp 

“Very caring doctor, and his staff is wonderful. I would highly recommend this skilled surgeon to everyone looking for hip implants with fat transfer.” ~ Google 

“This guy is really good at what he does. I researched forever before deciding on him and am very glad I did. Ten years later, I am still satisfied. Though I am very open about having been augmented, most people are surprised to find out because of how NATURAL they look. On top of that, he is a great guy. I never felt rushed through the consultations and he was extremely professional the whole way through. Highly recommended!” ~ Vitals 

“Dr. Senderoff is one of the best doctors in the city! I’ve had many facials in the past, but during our first consult he knew exactly what I needed. I’m in my 30’s and didn’t feel quite ready for botox or filler. He suggested doing a program that included facial rejuvenation, tightening and Pixel laser resurfacing. Then under my eyes we did a procedure called Thermi which uses heat to eliminate bags and fine lines. Helen and Anna were the 2 nurses that I worked with and they were so incredibly skilled that everyone wants to know what I’ve been doing! I also had a procedure called Vasershape that was unbelievable for my butt and thighs. I’m thin already and work out daily, but this drastically changed the way I look in lingerie and a bathing suit! Jomarie the patient coordinator, along with the rest of the girls in his staff are super sweet and professional.
I’ve been told Dr. Senderoff is an incredible surgeon as well, but if you’re like me and want a subtle approach to looking your best without looking “done” you should definitely see him! ~ Yelp

BEST DECISION I EVER MADE!!!! I had lipo done to most of my body  i started out a size 11/12. Exactly two months later I was a size 6! No scars or marks. No one would ever know what I did.
The entire staff is a great group of people. They done an unbelievable job of managing your expectations and walk you through everything. You feel so comfortable and at ease the entire time.
My only regret is not coming here sooner!” ~ Yelp 

“Dr Senderoff and his team provide nothing but top notch plastic surgery services. They went above and beyond to correct a deformity I carried for many years. His work moved me to tears. His office manager/assistant, JoMarie is a gem.  She’s there every step of the way and patiently answers all your questions and concerns. My only wish is that I found them sooner.” ~ Yelp 

“Dr. Douglas Senderoff is the best plastic surgeon in Manhattan NYC. From initial free consultation to post operative period he makes you feel as if you are the world’s most important patient. My surgery results are natural looking and I am thrilled. Highly recommend!” ~ Google 

“I spent countless hours researching doctors and found a guy in Connecticut who looked like the best. I was about to make the trek when I met a girl who had gone to Senderoff. She showed me hers and that’s all it took… Sold! Amazing. She was referred by a friend who was referred by another friend and together, she knew of about 6 very satisfied customers. I have since met another Senderoff client who I was convinced had natural boobs… she thought the same about mine and when we found out we had the same doctor, we both laughed about what a small world it is. The fact is everybody I know of who went to him received absolutely gorgeous results (even my friends who went to Dr. Senderoff for breast implant revisions). I have since referred 2 friends who are both incredibly satisfied. On top of it, he’s a great guy and infinitely patient with consultations. A truly talented, wonderful doctor! “~ Vitals 

“This NYC Plastic Surgeon is awesome! I went to him for Brazilian butt lift augmentation  but he said that I would look better with butt implants – result is fab! Dr. Senderoff offers free consultations and his staff is friendly. He performs the plastic surgery on-site at his location – he has an accredited Operating Room so you do not have to go to a hospital. The office is beautiful too. Great plastic surgeon is you are new to the NYC area. Not too sure why no one reviewed him yet – when I went in he was super busy but did not rush me one bit.” ~ Yelp 

“He does know what he is doing. LOVE my breast reduction plastic surgery.” ~ Vitals 

“Best plastic Surgeon!!! I had my second procedure with him today breast implants / breast augmentation with breast lift, I feel good so far and I took a peek and it looks great. I also recovered very quickly with the last procedure and I’m sure I will again as this is less painful. Him and his team are very welcoming, attentive, and caring. Thank you Dr. Senderoff 🙂 “~ Google 

“Doctor Douglas Senderoff is a great doctor he is skillful and very honest. I have really enjoyed being his patient. He has given me a great new look with bicep implants. He has always been there when needed.” ~ Vitals 

“Dr. Senderoff and his team were fantastic. Plastic surgery was something I never thought I’d actually do as 22 y/o but I’m so glad this is where I ended up. I’m 5 days post-op from my breast lift and my breasts look and feel amazing already. He has exceeded my expectations. I was also very nervous about anesthesia and the anesthesiologist made me feel very comfortable and at ease before and after the needle insertion. I had the most positive memorable experience and if I ever needed work done again, this is the place I’d go to HANDS DOWN. Awesome work, Dr. – you really have a skill :)” ~ Vitals 

“He is the best plastic surgeon in NYC for breast augmentation (breast implants). Flew in from Boston to have the plastic surgery performed by him. Can’t say enough good things about this plastic surgeon.” ~ Google 

“I went to Dr. Senderoff to get a bicep implant done on my right arm. I was born with a congenital birth defect where the muscle in my right arm was underdeveloped. Dr. Senderoff was great every step of the way. He answered all questions I had prior and after and even gave me range of motion exercises to do after the surgery was complete to help aid my recovery. I am now 3 1/2 weeks post op and am pleased with the results. I am nearly completely healed and my right bicep now matches my left and looks natural. Anyone looking to get this procedure done don’t think twice go to him.” ~ Google 

“Excellent doctor. Just ask all the questions you need to ask, and you will get a straight answer. Not as famous as some others, but I’ve had procedures with others, and Dr. Senderoff is the best and best prices.” ~ Vitals 

“I had botched breast augmentation plastic surgery and freaked out. After visiting a lot of plastic surgeon in NYC I luckily found Dr. Senderoff – he is a Board Certified Expert in fixing botched plastic surgery especially breast augmentation — one of my breast implants had a capsular contraction and I looked like a freak. If you experienced botched breast augmentation plastic surgery with breast implants (I had silicone) then this NYC Plastic Surgeon can unfreak you and give you the best breast implants revision. I’m me again. I Love you Dr. Senderoff!!” ~ Google 

“Douglas Senderoff, MD in NYC is an amazing breast implants and liposuction plastic surgeon. I love love my results!!!” ~ Vitals 

“So I decided to get liposuction. I did a lot of research and went to 7 NYC Plastic Surgeons. I learned that some Plastic Surgeons in NYC offer free liposuction consultations and others do not. It was aggravating because 3 of the plastic surgeons I went to didn’t tell me I had to pay for my liposuction consultation until I arrived. It was like bait and switch. So forget them. I finally went to Dr. Douglas Senderoff, MD and he offered free liposuction plastic surgery coonsultations and he offered me a lot of his time. He made me feel comfortable and I liked his staff. I am 4 weeks post-op and all I can say is that Dr. Senderoff made my dream of my new me come true. The plastic surgeon is gentle and kind and the price for the liposuction plastic surgery was fantastic. Getting liposuction is a big deal and if you are looking for a plastic surgeon in new york city who will actually care about you and deliver the results you want then Dr. Senderoff is the best plastic surgeon for the job.” ~ Vitals 

“I normally don’t do reviews but I had a liposuction done by Doctor Senderoff at his Manhattan plastic surgery practice and it turned out better than I expected. His office staff was very helpful along with the Doctor.” ~ Vitals 

“My overall experience was top notch. I would surely recommend Dr. Senderoff.” ~ Vitals 

NYC Plastic Surgeon, Douglas Senderoff, MD did my breast augmentation plastic surgery (breast implants with breast lift). I couldn’t be any happier. Thank you Dr. Senderoff – you rock! You are the best plastic surgeon in New York City if not the best plastic surgeon in the world!” ~ Vitals 

“After having 2 kids, I was so nervous about getting my long awaited and overdue breast implants with a lift. The doc isn’t the “fabulous, flamboyant” stereotypical plastic surgeon. Short and to the point. He’s a genius and doesn’t say anything more than how he can improve your appearance…and he lives up to his word! Jomarie (his office manager) is unlike any office manager I’ve ever met. She’s on call and talks you through every step of the way. I love the entire office and my results. So happy” ~ Vitals 

“I had botched breast augmentation plastic surgery and freaked out. After visiting a lot of plastic surgeon in NYC I luckily found Dr. Senderoff – he is a Board Certified Expert in fixing botched plastic surgery especially breast augmentation — one of my breast implants had a capsular contraction and I looked like a freak. If you experienced botched breast augmentation plastic surgery with breast implants (I had silicone) then this NYC Plastic Surgeon can unfreak you. I Love you Dr. Senderoff!!” ~ Vitals 

“With the summer approaching I started to feel rather chubby in my jeans so after hearing about Dr Senderoff from my cousin(who had her breasts done) I decided to go for a free consultation for a tummy tuck. The best thing about this office is that they really don’t do any advertising and most of the patients come from referrals or online researchers. They know everyone’s name and treat you like they know you for years. Jomarie Nardone, the patient coordinator is not only Dr Sendreoff’s biggest fan but she can also be reached directly on her CELL PHONE! In all my years, I have never heard of this kind of service. Shannon, the receptionist does everything she can to get you a date and time that best fits your schedule. John, the anesthetist is like the coolest guy ever and immediately makes you feel at ease. I can assure you that this melting pot of people will easily make this office one of your favorite. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!!” ~ Vitals 

“I started out a 11/12. I had liposuction done to most of my body. Exactly two months later I fit perfectly into a size 6! From start to finish the entire staff makes you feel so comfortable and at ease. You are never in the dark at any time. They are the nicest group of people. During the consultation and right before the procedure the entire staff walks you through everything. What they’re going to do, how you’ll feel, and what to expect over while healing. They do an unbelievable job of managing your expectations. I have NO scars or marks. One would never know what I did unless I told them. I’m so happy with my decision. I’ve never looked so good and have never felt better. My only regret is not doing this sooner.”  ~ Vitals 

“Dr. Senderoff is a class act. He is patient, his staff is friendly, the office is beautiful, he takes time to answer all your questions. He is patient and caring. I had breast implants plastic surgery and a tummy tuck and am delighted with the results. Just perfect.” ~ Vitals 

“I had rhinoplasty surgery (a nose job) by the NYC Plastic Surgeon about three weeks ago. I found the Plastic Surgeon to be confident, considerate, caring, and he performed exceptional work. When I went for my rhinoplasty consultation, which was free by the way, Dr. Senderoff spent more than half an hour with me. He answered all my questions – and I had tons. He has a high-tech computer and showed me what my before and after rhinooplasty surgery would look like. He printed it out and let me take it home. I spoke extensively to the office manager who helped me with financing – she spent about an hour with me. I elected to have Dr. Senderoff perform my rhinoplasty surgery because I found him likeable, knowledgable, and patient. I liked the fact that the rhinoplasty would be performed in his sate of the the art surgical suite in his office – meaning I would not have to go to a hospital to get the surgery performed. His price was great and all his staff was great but the best part was how my rhinoplsty turned out. I love my new nose. The surgery itself was pretty quick and I experienced no complications. Thank you Doctor Senderoff you are a brilliant rhinoplasty surgeon!” ~ Vitals 

“Dr Senderoff was the only surgeon I could find to correct a super long gluteal cleft that was the result of a lower body lift I had done by another surgery seven years ago. I also had a thick belt of fat and scar tissue above my gluteals that felt and looked horrible. When I finally saw the results I was moved to tears. I feel normal now. I can now wear pants comfortably and dare I say a two piece bathing suit. Dr Senderoff went above and beyond. I love my body now!” ~ Healthgrades 

“My liposuction with Dr sendeoff is the best thing I have ever done! I am only two weeks out and even though there is still some swelling, it is already an amazing result. Worth every penny and I would do it again in a heartbeat! Love him, love the staff, love everything!” ~ Vitals 

“Best plastic surgeon in nyc with the best staff around! Had my boobs done with him about 2 months ago and I couldn’t be happier. He has a quiet confidence about him that made me feel comfortable. His office manager is a real gem. She is awesome and held my hand the entire way through. I even texted her my questions before and after. my results are incredible and better than i even thought possible. GO HERE! “~ Healthgrades 

“Dr. Senderoff is an amazing Manhattan Plastic Surgeon. The NYC Plastic Surgeon performed my breast implants on site at his NYC Plastic Surgery office. His pricing was great (they even helped me secure financing for my breast implants.). My results look natural. My self esteem is so high! If you are looking for a plastic surgeon in NYC – then look no further than Dr. Senderoff!!!! “~ Vitals 

“He’s the best buttock implant surgeon in NYC and known as one of the best butt implants plastic surgeon in the world. My results are outstanding and the staff was great” ~ Healthgrades 

“I went for breast augmentation after meeting some of his other patients who had natural-looking, well-shaped breasts from their surgeries. The surgeries speak for themselves. I’ve had many people tell me that my breasts look and feel incredibly real, some didn’t know I had them done until I told them. I’ve also gotten a couple other procedures done and I’m thrilled with the results as well. Dr. Senderoff knows how to customize his surgeries to fit your body. Also, the staff is a pleasure to deal with and easy to reach after surgeries.” ~ Vitals 

I really really shopped around for the best breast implants plastic surgeon in NYC. I did tons of Google search for Manhattan breast implant plastic surgeons and went on a lot of consultations. The Board Certified Plastic surgeon was awesome – his staff was great (even helped me get financing), and my breast implants look beautiful. Thank you Doctor Senderoff! ~ Vitals 

“The best plastic surgeon in NYC for breast implants! Natural scar free results! Thank you Dr Senderoff!” ~  Healthgrades 

“This NYC plastic surgeon was awesome – patient, smart, friendly, helped me get financing and the staff was fantastic. I had liposuction performed on my tummy – the Manhattan Plastic Surgeon performs his operations in his office … it is a surgical suite. My outcome was fantastic. I am really happy with the results. His pricing was fair, the consultation was free, and he even called me a few times after the surgery to make sure I was ok. Dr. Senderoff is an awesome NYC Plastic Surgeon!” ~ Vitals 

Dr Senderoff is a talented and brilliant doctor. From the moment of my first consultation through the actual procedure and my follow-up appointments, I knew I had chosen the best team to work with.
Dr. Senderoff and his entire staff were supportive, kind, and comforting. Dr Senderoff was quick to put me at ease and quell my concerns about augmenting my hips. He explained everything thoroughly but more importantly, he took the time to listen to my needs and wants. He worked with me, never pushed any unnecessary procedures and was very honest. Needless to say, the outcome was everything I envisioned.
I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and the outcome looks amazing. I can not thank Dr. Senderoff and his staff enough. Thank you for everything! ~ Google

“I had botox done at Senderoff’s office and am very satisfied with the outcome. Dr. Senderoff and his staff was nice and professional. I am planning on going back and getting some more work done.” ~ Vitals 

“I found dr senderoff by doing some searches on the internet and found his website. He offers free consultations which I went through and was happy with his expertise and manner. I was happy with the deltoid implants (shoulder implants) procedure… from the consultation to the post op.” ~ Vitals 

“I went to Dr Senderoff for liposuction. He was very nice and answered all my questions before surgery and called me afterwards to check how I was doing. His staff is so friendly and really helpful. I would strongly recommend Dr Senderoff for your plastic surgery.”~ Vitals 

“I went to Dr Senderoff for breast implant revision and am very happy with the results. He fixed my breasts after I had surgery by another doctor. His staff was very kind and helpful. I would highly recommend Dr Senderoff for your plastic surgery.” ~ Vitals 

“I was very happy with the outcome of my plastic surgery. The office staff was very friendly and they called me several times after my surgery to check up on me.” ~ Vitals 

“He was my 4th opinion. His diagnosis of the problem was right-the other PS did not even come close. The way he went about to fix my problem that another PS messed up was so simple. But yet all the other docs didn’t even come close to draw closure on a ps screw up. I just went in for a consult & the nature of my problem was more serious than I thought. He performed surgery the very next day. I was very happy, the very moment I awoke from surgery. Dr. Senderoff is very talented & dedicated to plastic surgery. His bedside manner is very good & he has a humble spirit. If anyone has anything bad to say about Dr. Senderoff, well I feel real sorry for you.” ~ Vitals 

For more information or a complimentary plastic surgery consultation please feel free to contact the NYC Plastic Surgeon, Douglas Senderoff, MD, FACS, today by phoning 212-481-3939.

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