Tummy Tuck Revision Surgery Specialist NYC

Our best in class board certified plastic surgeon offers tummy tuck revision surgery at ourNew York based plastic surgery practice. All procedures are performed by our highly trained board certified plastic surgeon and his expert Manhattan, NYC based plastic surgery team. Revisional tummy tuck surgery is commonly undergone by patients who desire correctional treatment to address a post-operative issue. Our top rated board certified plastic surgeon aims to provide patients with highly customized surgical treatment plans that reflect the aesthetic and anatomical needs of each patient.

Patients who are not completely satisfied by the results of their initial tummy tuck surgery may opt to undergo revision tummy tuck surgery to achieve desired post-treatment results. The NYC (Manhattan, New York) based plastic surgeon routinely performs revision tummy tuck procedures upon patients who desire correctional tummy tuck surgery. Individuals who opt to undergo revision tummy tuck surgery often experience post-surgical results such as noticeable scarring (dog ears), uneven skin, inadequate tissue removal, and asymmetry as a result of an initial abdominoplasty procedure. 

Dr. Senderoff performs tummy tuck plastic surgery, which is a surgical technique to improve the fat, skin, and muscle of the abdomen. This treatment, also referred to as an abdominoplasty, removes extra skin and fat from the abdomen and mends the abdominal wall (diastasis recti). Patients frequently report significant improvement with little discomfort or downtime. Patients frequently undergo a fat transfer alongside a tummy tuck. Revision tummy tuck surgery is highly individualized to effectively address each patient’s unique post-surgical goals.

During your initial tummy tuck consultation with the NYC based plastic surgeon, you will explain your post-surgical goals for the correctional procedure and she will break down each treatment offered to achieve the patient’s desired results. Individuals in good physical health with realistic post-procedural goals are typically candidates for tummy tuck revisional surgery with our top of the line plastic surgeon. All procedures are performed at our state-of-the-art boutique surgical suite located in the heart of Manhattan, New York.

Patients may undergo revision tummy tuck surgery for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Disproportionate scarring
  • Dog ears (characterized by excess skin at the ends of the scar)
  • Uneven skin (more contouring needed)
  • Noticeable asymmetry

Naturally, the steps involved in a revision tummy tuck will vary depending on each patient’s unique anatomy and initial post-surgical results. The procedure may require umbilicoplasty to appropriately treat any issues with the size, symmetry, or positioning of the belly button. The plastic surgeon may employ liposuction to remove existing stubborn pockets of fat, evening the skin above and flattening the stomach in the process. If excess skin, fat, and muscle separation are still a problem, you might need to have a full tummy tuck, which would include utilizing many of the same surgical methods as your initial procedure but with added detail to provide a more pleasing post-treatment outcome that reflects your aesthetic, anatomical, and functional goals.

If you have any questions about tummy tuck surgery revisions or any other plastic surgery procedures, please feel free to contact the NYC Board Certified NYC Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Douglas Senderoff:

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