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Dr. Douglas Senderoff is the go to plastic surgeon in NYC. From initial free consultation to post operative period he makes you feel as if you are the world’s most important patient.  My surgery results are natural looking and I am thrilled. Highly recommend!” ~ YELP

“He is the best plastic surgeon in NYC for breast augmentation (breast implants). Flew in from Boston to have the plastic surgery performed by him. Can’t say enough good things about this plastic surgeon.” ~ Google

“I had breast implants with the plastic surgery- Dr. Senderoff – best decision I ever made. I can give no higher recommendation then to say that from the 1st consultation to follow up he was a class act.” ~ RateMDs

“After my 1st consult with Dr Senderoff I knew I would be compelled to write about my experience. His demeanor, bedside manners, professional, intuitive, direct, and in control. Every quality I would want a doctor so much of me in his hands. I found him passionate and serious about my appearance as I am. I am extremely pleased with my liposuction results, beyond words.” ~ ZocDoc

“I went to Dr. Senderoff to get a bicep implant done on my right arm. I was born with a congenital birth defect where the muscle in my right arm was underdeveloped. Dr. Senderoff was great every step of the way. He answered all questions I had prior and after and even gave me range of motion excercises to do after the surgery was complete to help aid my recovery. I am now 3 1/2 weeks post op and am pleased with the results. I am nearly completely healed and my right bicep now matches my left and looks natural. Anyone looking to get this procedure done don’t think twice go to him.” ~ Google

“Thank you Dr. Senderoff! Wonderful plastic surgery work. Perfect liposuction and breast implants (with a breast lift). Went to his Manhattan New York office which is really nice!!! I would definitely recommend Senderoff for liposuction and breast augmentation.” ~ Google

“I had liposuction with Dr Senderoff. IT LOOKS INCREDIBLE! I am only two weeks out and it is already an amazing result. I cant wait for the swelling to go down because I will be even SMALLER!!! My friend just booked her liposuction with him for May so that she can look good in her bikini!!! xoxoxo” ~ RateMDs

“Dr. Senderoff is the best! I spent a lot of time researching plastic surgeons in NYC and I have to say that out of all the plastic surgeon’s I met with Dr. Senderoff made me feel the most comfortable for breast implants. He comes across as very intelligent and empathetic. He has an amazing before & after gallery which you can review. The plastic surgery office is beautiful and the staff is helpful. He has high-technology where you can see digital expected results of your surgery and he prints it out and let’s you take it home. His pricing is great for NYC and especially great for a plastic surgeon with his credentials. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a plastic surgeon in NYC.” ~ ZocDoc

“I had double bubble on my breast augmentation done by another Dr., everyone I went to told me it was impossible to fix, and to leave it alone, I was so frustrated nobody could help me, I went to Dr, Senderoff after being told by other women what a great job he did on them, I went to him, and he told me much to my relief that he could fix me, which he did in May 2010…anyway, I lost a lot of weight and lost volume in my buttocks and there was never a question of who I was gonna have do my buttock implants, I had it done on V-Day 2011 and can see already how good it’s going to look, he called me the next day to see how I was doing as did his office staff…very caring and warm atmosphere.” ~MakeMeHeal

“Dr. Senderoff is a great plastic surgeon. I am extremely satisfied with him and the girls in his office. The office is beautiful and clean. I had butt implants done with him and his work is amazing. The results have been life changing. Im going back next month for liposuction! I highly recommend him.” ~ RateMDs

“This is *THE* doctor in New York City for breast augmentation (breast implants)! Joan-Marie, the patient coordinator, and Shannon, the receptionist, are also very friendly and sweet! 🙂 I had a breast augmentation by Dr Senderoff in 2008 and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I went from a big B/small C to a DD. The results are so damn good and natural-looking (no inbetween gap, no ‘basketball’ look) that it’s almost impossible to tell that I’ve had a boob job unless I point out the scars. By the way, I went under the muscle silicone and it was $8,500. Pricey? Yes, but you get what you pay for. I also had scar removal that was really deep in the muscle and had scar revision and rhinoplasty with Dr Senderoff, I’m definetly very pleased!” ~ YELP

“I think Dr. Senderoff is a very talented surgeon, and I would send anyone I knew to see him!” ~MakeMeHeal

“I had botched breast augmentation plastic surgery and freaked out. After visiting a lot of plastic surgeon in NYC I luckily found Dr. Senderoff – he is a Board Certified Expert in fixing botched plastic surgery especially breast augmentation — one of my breast implants had a capsular contraction and I looked like a freak. If you experienced botched breast augmentation plastic surgery with breast implants (I had silicone) then this NYC Plastic Surgeon can unfreak you. I Love you Dr. Senderoff!!” ~ RateMDs

“Dr. Senderoff is the best there is. Not only does he have an unparalleled educational background, but his kind demeanor, great sense of humor, and gentle nature make him stand out above all other plastic surgeons in NYC. I highly recommend him for botox and fillers and breast implants. He is gentle, honest, and gives a very natural look. Dr. Senderoff is amazing.” ~ZocDoc

“Dr. Senderoff is one of the best doctors in the city! I’ve had many facials in the past, but during our first consult he knew exactly what I needed. I’m in my 30’s and didn’t feel quite ready for botox or filler. He suggested doing a program that included facial rejuvenation, tightening and Pixel laser resurfacing. Then under my eyes we did a procedure called Thermi which uses heat to eliminate bags and fine lines. Helen and Anna were the 2 nurses that I worked with and they were so incredibly skilled that everyone wants to know what I’ve been doing! I also had a procedure called Vasershape that was unbelievable for my butt and thighs. I’m thin already and work out daily, but this drastically changed the way I look in lingerie and a bathing suit! Jomarie the patient coordinator, along with the rest of the girls in his staff are super sweet and professional. I’ve been told Dr. Senderoff is an incredible surgeon as well, but if you’re like me and want a subtle approach to looking your best without looking “done” you should definitely see him!” ~ YELP

“I had a breast augmentation with Dr. Senderoff about 3 years ago and my breast look so natural friends can’t believe they are not real. I have also had Botox and have been happy with the results. Dr. Senderoff’s work is tasteful and he will not do unnecessary work.” ~ RateMDs

“I went for breast augmentation after meeting some of his other patients who had natural-looking, well-shaped breasts from their surgeries. I wanted something natural, not showy. The surgeries speak for themselves. I’ve had many people tell me that my breasts look and feel incredibly real, some didn’t know I had them done until I told them. (Especially since you can’t see the scars.) I’ve also gotten a couple other procedures done including lipo and I’m thrilled with the results as well. Dr. Senderoff knows how to customize his surgeries to fit your body. Also, the staff is a pleasure to deal with and they reach out to you after surgeries.” ~ Google

“I had breast augmentation plastic surgery with breast implants and breast lift plastic surgery by the best New York City Plastic Surgery – Douglas Senderoff, MD. He was patient with all my pre-op breast augmentation / breast lift / breast implant questions. His office staff was sweet, caring, and considerate. His surgical team was knowledgable and gentle. My whole plastic surgery experience getting breast augmentation with silicon breast implants and a breast lift was such a positive experience for me. i experienced no complications and I could not be happier for choosing the NYC Plastic Surgeon for my plastic surgery. If you are considering breast augmentation / breast implants or a breast lift this is the best plastic surgeon in NYC – he offers free consultations, his pricing is on the mark, and he is an amazing human being. Thank you Dr. Senderoff!”  ~ MakeMeHeal

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