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wpath-2022NYC Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Douglas Senderoff performs a variety of surgical techniques for Female to Male (FTM) chest surgery at our Manhattan based surgery center. Commonly referred to as “Top Surgery” in the transgender community, there are a variety of surgical breast procedures to allow a trans man to live more comfortably. Dr. Douglas Senderoff offers free consultations (including virtual Skype or FaceTime consultations) for potential FTM Top Surgery patients. 

The three common female to male (FTM) mastectomy procedures include the periareolar, the keyhole, and the double incision method. In patients with small breasts, the breast tissue can be removed by the Top Surgery specialist through a small keyhole incision through the areola without the need to remove skin. In patients with medium to large breasts that have minimal skin laxity, it may be possible to remove the breast tissue through a periareolar incision. The areola can then be reduced in diameter while removing a small amount of excess skin from the reduced breast. In double incision Top Surgery, an ellipse of skin is removed along with the breast tissue. The nipple-areola complex is removed from the breast and reduced in size and then replaced as a free graft after contouring the remaining skin. Drains are inserted to reduce the accumulation of fluid under the skin. A light bandage is then applied along with a compression garment.

“Dr. Douglas Senderoff is the go to plastic surgeon in NYC. From initial free consultation to post operative period he makes you feel as if you are the world’s most important patient. My surgery results are natural looking and I am thrilled. Highly recommend!” ~ Google

Many patients who are seeking Transgender Surgery FTM Top Surgery (“chest masculinization“) often have pectoral muscles that are poorly developed and lack sufficient bulk to create the appearance of a male chest. In some instances, after mastectomy, the chest can look slightly flat with a lack of muscle definition.

To create a more masculine appearance the FTM Top Surgery specialist, Dr. Douglas Senderoff, has developed a single-stage mastectomy with reconstruction using a pectoral implant.

By placing an appropriately sized implant under the pectoralis muscle at the time of mastectomy, the patient can have an immediate result that creates a masculine appearing chest. The pectoral implant is made of a solid silicone elastomer which avoids the potential problem of leakage found in silicone gel implants. The pectoral implants are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes with varying degrees of projection. The size of the implant is determined by the length and width of the pectoral region. The implants are inserted beneath the pectoralis major muscle immediately after the breast is removed similar to the way women undergo immediate breast reconstruction with an implant or tissue expander after mastectomy. The excess skin is then contoured to create a symmetrical scar and an anatomically correct inframammary fold. Drains are placed beneath the implant and the skin flap in order to prevent fluid accumulation postoperatively.

Patients are discharged in just a few hours after surgery wearing a light bandage and a compression vest.

If you have any questions about top surgery or would like a complimentary consultation for the breast removal procedure known as “Top Surgery” with the NYC Plastic Surgeon (or any other plastic surgery procedures), please feel free to contact Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Douglas Senderoff, MD, FACS.

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