Computer Imaging

Board Certified Manhattan Plastic Surgeon Douglas M. Senderoff, MD, FACS has the most advanced computer imaging system available at his Park Avenue, Manhattan, NYC Plastic Surgery facility.

The Canfield Vectra 3D Computer Imaging System provides a realistic simulation of the results of breast and facial aesthetic surgery procedures. Patients are able to visualize the potential results of their surgery as part of the consultation process. Computer imaging allows for better communication between Dr. Senderoff and his patients and also promotes better patient participation during the planning stages of the surgery.

Many patients find that by visualizing the results prior to surgery they are better able to understand what results are possible. In addition, patients can review the 3D preoperative images immediately on the computer after their photos are taken enabling them to evaluate their physical appearance with the doctor while clothed and comfortable. Patients are allowed to take their computerized “Before & After” Plastic Surgery photos home with them.

Computer Imaging is mostly used for the potential results for Breast Augmentation Surgery and Facial imaging.

Breast Implants imaging is available for patients seeking breast augmentation procedures and is very useful in selecting the size of the breast implant. This computer imaging allows the patient to participate in the breast implants selection process where they can try on different sizes of implants and see the results immediately on their body. The software allows the NYC Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to immediately produce a 360 degree image of the patient before and after breast implants surgery. This system is also excellent for selecting breast implants in patients who have asymmetrical breasts where implants of different sizes may be necessary.

Facial imaging can be performed during your consultation where procedures such as Rhinoplasty, chin implants, neck liposuction and laser treatments can be simulated on the computer. Patients can see how their appearance can be improved by a subtle change in their nasal profile versus a more drastic one. Patients are also able to see how the combination of a rhinoplasty and a chin implant can produce a balance in facial harmony.

The results of the customized imaging process can be printed out for patients to review at home or with others after the consultation is done. While the computer simulated images that depict the potential results of surgery are realistic and a great tool for communication between patient and surgeon they are not a guarantee of actual surgery results. Most patients, however, find that their comfort level is increased after being able to communicate the goals of their surgery and see their possible results before the actual procedure.

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