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NYC Brazilian Butt Lift / Brazilian Buttock Augmentation Plastic Surgeon, Douglas M. Senderoff, MD is a recognized leader in the field of buttock augmentation. He is considered a best in class Brazilian Butt Lift Surgeon and presented his original buttock augmentation with buttock implants research at the Aesthetic Society annual meeting and additionally served as an instructor at the Aesthetic Society teaching a course on buttock implants plastic surgery.

Please follow this link to review before & after buttock augmentation plastic surgery photos of actual patients.

During your complimentary Brazilian Butt Lift plastic surgery consultation with board certified NYC plastic surgeon, Douglas M. Senderoff, MD, FACS, you will be evaluated to determine whether you are a good candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift plastic surgery.

Dr. Douglas Senderoff, a board certified plastic surgeon, customizes every Brazilian Butt Lift surgery procedure to meet the individual preference and needs of each patient.

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery is actually two plastic surgeries in one: Liposuction (or Body Contouring) and Buttock Augmentation Plastic Surgery. How it works is fat is removed from the specific area that you wish to reduce (via liposuction from the abdomen, hips, love handles, thighs, back, arms, or chest) and then the fat is collected, processed, and washed with an antibiotic solution before being placed in syringes that are used to carefully inject the fat from the liposuction procedure into the buttock muscle.

Ideal candidates for the Brazilian Butt Lift Plastic Surgery procedure as performed by the NYC Plastic Surgeon are those who are physically healthy, at a normal weight or overweight and have skin with adequate firmness and elasticity, and have realistic goals.

Women of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and from around the world seek Dr. Senderoff’s expertise in performing the Brazilian Butt Lift. Typical patients that seek the Brazilian Butt Lift (Butt Augmentation) Plastic Surgery include women and men from ages 20 – 50s with flat bottoms lacking buttock fullness or projection. Some women have the Brazilian Butt Lift and breast augmentation with breast implants at the same time, in a version of the Mommy Makeover.

The surgery takes approximately two to three hours depending on the complexity of the case. The Brazilian Butt Lift Plastic Surgery procedure is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. After surgery, you will leave wearing a compression garment that will help reduce swelling.

Are there visible scars after the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery? The incisions made for extracting the fat and then injecting it into the buttock area is tiny and should fade with time. Your buttocks will feel and look completely natural.

How exactly does the fat transfer work? Fat is removed from the area of your body which you select to liposuction / contour such as your tummy, areas around the buttock, lower back, hips (love handles), flanks, or inside upper thighs. Once the fat is removed it is put through a centrifuge to separate the fat cells and then injected into the upper buttocks by the NYC Plastic Surgeon at various levels. As well as augmenting and shaping the buttocks, removing fat from surrounding problem areas creates a slimmer waistline and a rounded buttocks. Using your own fat for this procedure as a filler provides results that look and feel natural.

How long is the recovery period from the Brazilian Butt Lift / Buttock Augmentation Procedure?
For the best results, it is imperative that you comply with post-surgical care guidelines: for the first 2 weeks you will not be permitted to put pressure on your buttocks – this includes sitting. You can return to work within 2 weeks providing your job does not require extended periods of sitting.  It will be necessary for you to wear a compression garment, to control swelling, for up to six weeks following surgery. The garment is similar to cycling pants or Spanks so easily hidden under clothing.

How long will the fat injected into my buttock last? If you follow the plastic Surgeon’s guidelines and don’t apply pressure to the buttock area for at least two weeks the fat grafted should be long lasting. You can usually expect at least 65-75% of the fat transferred via the Brazilian Butt Lift to survive.

If you have any questions about Brazilian Butt Lift Plastic Surgery / Brazilian Buttock Augmentation surgery or if you are interested in more information, please call board certified NYC plastic surgeon Douglas M. Senderoff, MD for a complimentary Brazilian Butt Lift consultation at his NYC (Manhattan) or Westchester, New York office.

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